About Us

Found in 2008 and based in Nanjing, China. Nanjing Hanzhou Technologie Co., LTD has individual departments focusing on ultrasonic products and high-end industrial products in printing & packaging industry. The ultrasonic department is characterized by manufacturing a wide range of different operating ultrasound equipments and components with various specifications such as piezo ceramics, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic cleaners and many other kinds of ultrasonic equipments. Furthermore, we are capable to fulfill customer designs and processes of non-standard equipments.

The company has licenses to import and export and has developed cooperative relationships with a number of high-quality foreign suppliers and agents, helping users to deliver products faster and reduce cost of various of types imported packaging and printing equipment such as roller coverings, roller cleaners, various slitting blades, etc. In addition to serve our clients, our company also offers a wide range of automation systems design, renovation and repairing service packages with our excellent skills and solid experience accumulated from long successful history.

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